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Author Topic: Welcome to our Whistleblowers Forum!  (Read 467 times)


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Welcome to our Whistleblowers Forum!
« on: June 17, 2012, 01:00:39 PM »
Welcome to our Whistle Blowers Forum!

Contraversial I know but with so much main stream media with it's own agenda I hope that this forum will become a place where everyone can 'Blow the Whistle' on corruption, unfair practices or just plain dirty deals that you've personally experienced.

Please no hearsay. Only post things here that you have personally encountered with irrefutable fact in deed or action by the dirty doer and please do not post names.  All forum comments are to refer to the doer of the deed as the 'Dirty Deed Doer' or if a corporation as the 'Dirty Deed Corp'.

We hope you enjoy using your forum. 

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