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Historical Dirty Deed Doers / Watergate Break In 40th Year Anniversary
« Last post by admin on June 17, 2012, 02:17:37 PM »
We've launched our forum on the 40th year anniversary of the break-in at the Demographic National Committee's headquarters then located a the Watergate office complex as commissioned by the Nixon administration.

The Nixon adminstration tried to cover up its' direct involvment in the break-in and the scandal of the Dirty Deed lead all the way to the top - the President of the USA - Richard Nixon.  This resulted in the subsequent resignation from office of the head Dirty Deed Doer himself but only after he was faced with near certain impeachment as details of the scandal becoming known to the general public and they lost faith in their president elect.

His sucessor in the hot seat, Gerald Ford, odly enough, used his new presidential powers to pardon Nixon while his staffers that were involved referred to as the "Watergate 7" were indicted by jury through trial process. The jury wanted to indict Nixon but were 'strongly advised' they could not indict a sitting president - i.e only after he leaves service can he be charged.  That is when Ford swoops in and pardon's him while the Watergate7 are hung out to dry.
General Discussion / Welcome to our Whistleblowers Forum!
« Last post by admin on June 17, 2012, 01:00:39 PM »
Welcome to our Whistle Blowers Forum!

Contraversial I know but with so much main stream media with it's own agenda I hope that this forum will become a place where everyone can 'Blow the Whistle' on corruption, unfair practices or just plain dirty deals that you've personally experienced.

Please no hearsay. Only post things here that you have personally encountered with irrefutable fact in deed or action by the dirty doer and please do not post names.  All forum comments are to refer to the doer of the deed as the 'Dirty Deed Doer' or if a corporation as the 'Dirty Deed Corp'.

We hope you enjoy using your forum. 

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