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There are thousands of different lists in the marketplace today. There are business lists and consumer lists.

There are postal, phone, and opt-in email lists. There are hundreds of different companies who manage, compile, and represent these lists. How would you know where to start? How would you know where to look? How would you know what to pay? How would you know how much time it should take? How would you know if you are being realistic with your timeline and budget? A List Broker can answer all of these questions for you, and will typically only charge you for the actual usa email list.

For consumer lists, there are hundreds of different criteria that you can utilize when searching for a list. How would know what criteria to use? How would you know which list company to turn to based on your criteria? How would you know what a reasonable price is that you should be paying for these criteria? A List Broker can help you to determine which criteria will deliver the quantity of records you are seeking and the optimal outcome.

For business lists, there are not as many criteria, however, there are many different types of business lists, and it is very easy to become confused if you are not supported by someone who knows what to look for. A List Broker has worked with many different business list companies, and can therefore determine, based on your criteria, which company(s) to turn to.

There are also different rules in place that govern how lists can be used, and there are different list companies that do and do not follow these rules. For instance, consumer phone numbers in the USA are tightly regulated under the Do Not Call legislation. Not only are there national regulations, each state has their own policies around calling consumers. It is very important to work with legitimate list companies who follow these rules.

The same approach is in place for email lists. This is why there are referred to as opt-in email lists because they are permission based. There are companies out there that will sell you an email list. We highly recommend that you do not work with these companies because the list is probably old and it is most definitely not permission based, and is therefore illegal. Please review the CAN-SPAM Act to learn more about email list policy.

How do you know which list is right for you? Unless you have worked with many of these vendors, and know what their quality is, you don't know which list is right for you. That is where a List Broker can really make a difference in the outcome of your direct marketing campaign. A Broker knows which companies to turn to depending on what your specific targeted needs are. A Broker can locate specific data for you depending on what your budget and time line is. A Broker knows which company to turn to depending on whether you are looking for a postal, phone, or opt-in email list.

A good Broker will provide you with choices. In other words, instead of being told that this is the data you need, they will provide you with several choices to review and will point out which one they believe will deliver the optimal results for your campaign. What is great for you is that you can choose the data that you think will work best for you mailing list.

A Broker will do all the research for you in order to ensure that the best data is located. Therefore, a List Broker will save you time, money, and aggravation in your acquisition of a Direct Marketing List. What are you waiting for? Let a List Broker support your targeted marketing needs now!
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