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Author Topic: MUMpreneaurs juggling working from home and keeping little hands busy  (Read 467 times)

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With the rising costs of childcare and starting up a venture from home I know how hard and distracting it is to juggle all hats and give quality time to my little girl and at the end of the day not feel guilty about not spending enough time with her.

Actually I should be really really glad that I'm able to have some days working from home and have the opportunity to spend lots of time whenever I wish with her.  I remember all to well the long days stuck in traffic commuting to work and also the long corporate hours that would mean if I weren't working from home I'd never see my girl for quality time until the weekends.  I remember all to well being still stuck in traffic well past 6:30pm and now I can be home and reading books to my little girl and putting her to sleep after a great day together.

That is the good side - of which I remind myself all the time.  However, sigh, there are the days when you struggle to manage all things and keeping to some sort of routine is what I've found to be the best remedy.

I treat each day as if I was actually going to the office. Have a good family breakfast, quick whisk round the house putting all back to rights, washing on etc. and spend some quality time with my little girl then set some great things for her to do by herself and I proceed to start work. This is not as all as simple as it seems as we all know there are plenty of disruptions, lots of acceding to immediate wants and just pure frustration. As I type this my little girl has managed to delete whole paragraphs of what I've typed, no problems thank god for 'undo'.

With regular breaks and silly giggly girl moments it is soon lunch time and that means nap time for my little girl. PHEW! Ok so now is the time to get real work done. 

Some days I can't wait for her to wake up so we can play more. 

So everytime when something really really frustrating happens - and we all know how chaotic things can get - I just remember to give my girl a cuddle and a kiss because really when it comes down to it - there is nothing much that baby wipes and 'undo' can't fix  :)
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