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Bunnings or Masters
« on: June 28, 2012, 06:54:27 PM »
Well now there are three places I now find myself loitering around in - Bunnings, BCF and now MASTERS!

Masters is totally a different experience to any I've seen before.  The aisles are wide and well categorised merchandise and the isles done just run in one direction they blocks which cause you to amble around into different areas.  Kind of more 'slow' shopping style where you can't just get to your isle and get the item and off you go.

The floors are polished cement - creating a cleaner environment - kind of appealing to the Virgo woman in me as I may like putting on the tool belt and fixing /building things but I don't need to work in squaller.

Overall I found several items dearer than Bunnings i.e. shade cloth to name one common purchase.

Masters seemed to have a 'seasonal' area and at the moment it is all things heating and the selection was fabulous and thought provoking for wishlist renovators like me.

I then ambled over to the kitchen display area.  Masters have whitegoods! Or should I say silver/stainless as finding the humble white fridge is near gone.  Anyhow a great selection of appliances - rows of fridges - good point of difference and direct competition to Harvey Norman and Good Guys.

Masters also have many more storage concept option i.e. fridges built into cabinetry that you can install yourself - millionaire look.  Pull out tall cupboards that are way more functional than the Bunnings Zone range.

Overall - Bunnings and Masters have several points of difference - personally I think I find myself going to Masters for ideas and Bunnings to buy because there is definitely a price difference.


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