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Author Topic: LGAC (Local Government Assoc of Queensland) Conference TODAY  (Read 1064 times)

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It's interesting to note that LGAQ (Local Government Association of Queensland) had their conference today in Ipswich and identified the likelyhood of a repeat of 2011 and that people in their catchments may potentially be asking the questions soon 'so what has been learn't from 2011 and what have we done to better prepare / react / protect'.

I've not heard of EMQ having any such frank questions being put forward or not that they've been reported in the media.

It is right that the councils should be discussing what their ratepayers are soon going to be asking them. 

So what has changed really. Our small community was largly affected and I'd hope that there has been policies put into place - not just discussed - and preparedness happening.  First day of August tomorrow.  By October 2010 we'd already received an unpreecedented amount of rain that lifted the water table and filled our dams after many years of drought.  This year - we've had no winter dry out so to speak - so the tables are up.  Could we be looking at problems by November!

Courier Mail article



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