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Author Topic: 24th Anniversary of Cowper bus crash  (Read 432 times)

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24th Anniversary of Cowper bus crash
« on: December 19, 2013, 10:05:18 PM »
SES workers are not trained like police or ambulance first attenders and usually do not have the knowledge or preparedness to be able to deal with the confronting effects of attending a serious crash such as that that occurred back in 1989 at Cowper.

This article speaks of how Brian Robins is fighting for those volunteers that attended that crash. http://www.dailyexaminer.com.au/news/snub-once-again-we-count-on-ses-when-disaster-stri/2115287/

Our volunteer members need to be looked after and at minimum prepared and thanked for they are taking time away from their lives, family and often times protection their own property when it too is at risk and all this is not without personal risk.

Something that would take no more than a couple of hours to sort out seems like a no brainer to me. All their asking for is acknowledgment, a personalised certificate and a thankyou perhaps.

If you know of any programs that would help SES volunteers or similar front line people deal with the confronting effects of attending such a traumatic event the please fee free to post here.

A big thankyou to the members of the SES and all frontline volunteers that keep our communities and community.

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