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Author Topic: 3 Way Fridge Review - camping fridge absorbed gas  (Read 365 times)

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3 Way Fridge Review - camping fridge absorbed gas
« on: December 20, 2013, 05:33:10 AM »
For years I've envied people who have purchased Waeco fridges etc. but they are price prohibitive for me.  One day I came across a 3 way fridge advertised at one of our local discount stores and I decided to buy it.  The box description left me wondering if I'd really made a good purchase or not given the fridge was an absorbed gas fridge and operates without a compressor, etc. As far as I can figure it has no moving parts and that's got to be good for it's longevity and sturdiness.

When I got the fridge home I plugged it into the mains power.  The fridge cooled down quite well - even icing up the holding plate.  I used the little fridge as a back up for Christmas etc. and it was very handy.  Great for parties where it is portable and can be set on the deck for people to grab drinks.

I then had my little girl's birthday party and decided to hook it up to gas. Well it worked a treat - it was more efficient running on gas. The holding plate really iced up and the fridge did well with all the opening and closing of kids etc to get drinks.

The fridge really came into it's own when we experienced the floods and were without power for just on four days.  There were four families up in our little area and we all had kids. One single dad had scored all his daughters friends on a sleep over only to find out we were flooded in the next morning and isolated.

There were about 8 children and 5-7 adults.  By the end of day two all our house fridges were loosing cold quickly and things were soon to get dire so I pulled out all my camping stuff - everything that ran on 12 volt.  I set up the fridge to run on gas it being the most economical. I've heard something along the lines of 9 grams of gas per hour. We first put everything in that was most cold in the bottom and lest likely items needed regularly.  The milk was kept near the holding plate and other direct perishables. The little fridge did really well and iced up things on top.  With this fridge we were able to comfortably keep our remaining perishable food stored and useful.

This fridge runs silent.  There are no moving parts.  It works by absorption method.  When the fluid inside is heated it reacts and gets cold and moves through to the holding plate that draws the cold out and then the fluid reverts back to fluid and moves back to the heat source. In the case of running on gas it is as small as a pilot light. I can't believe it right - a fridge running on the same power as say your hot water system pilot light.  You can just see it through the viewing hole.  A small amount of radiant heat comes out the back/top vent so keep items clear.  It's not really hot though. 

I am currently using it as a back up fridge on my boat and it is running on mains power inside.  When we leave shore we take it up on deck and hook up to gas.

This fridge is excellent for camping. You can plug it into mains to get it cold before you leave. Pack all your goodies and load it into the car.  Plug it into your car and drive to your campsite.  I don't recommend running this fridge on a car that is not running as it uses far too much of your battery and car batteries are not designed to take deep charge losses and recover.  As soon as you get to your camping location set it up on gas in a well ventilated area under one of your tent awnings - we found under the camp kitchen trestle table pretty good.

You seriously can't go wrong with these little absorbed gas fridges. They are tough and get the job done.  They work best on gas and fully stocked.

I found one of them on Amazon at a great price and I would highly recommend them so have a look to see what I'm talking about

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