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Author Topic: Pump out or Cassette!  (Read 626 times)

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Pump out or Cassette!
« on: June 27, 2012, 12:24:37 AM »
What a horrible topic I know but it is key to the comfort of you and your family for the most basic of facilities.

Most people thing about good cooking facilities and good bedding but leave little thought as to the inner workings and pro's and con's for the humble ablutions of the day.

I've found that using a cassette to be the most reliable and functional system for many reasons.

Ease of emptying - you can just carry the cassette off the boat and empty in any toilet;

No smell - really they are ideal - holding tanks mean smell - these humble little cassette's are sealed and you add to the starting formula a chemcical that aides in the breakdown of the human additives - :) poo

It was just a simple choice for me.  No more being caught with full holding tanks and no pump out facilities or needing to travel some distance to get to pump out faciliites.  Just keep a couple of spare cassettes  ready to go for swap outs / back ups.

I found it most important when keeping the seals functional that as soon as I emptied I'd rinse out, add the small amount of water and chemical necessary for the starting forumla so the unit was sealed and stored on boat in a snap in ready to use state.  Storing them on board 'empty' and not primed (if that is a way of describing it) would only then create smells and definately seal failure.

Happy Cruising.


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